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Nina Pop Williams



#teleportationthursday I’ve had a few people ask me a specific question about a problem they’re having, I’ll answer the question, suggest what they could use and then they’ll ask me if i sell it. I’ll tell them i can set them up an account but for one product seems a little pricey. And I’ll send them to the store, or they’ll ghost me after i send them the video overview of my offer.

I know I’m losing customers this way, and i should have confidence in what I’m offering.

But i don’t want to over talk and confuse them, or under talk and lose their trust, what do you suggest, what’s a proper way to give an offer?



David Sandler

@David Sandler

How did you create that  video welcome message you sent me in Messenger?



Justin Barclay


Hey Chocolate Mama, sorry I missed you at LTD, What was your favorite part?


Dr. Joe Dispenza and Todd Falcone were my favorites. Really great practical minded stuff that was shared in an impactful way.

Dr. William Atkinson


How do you get over making excuses and not really getting started with your business online?


William I like to meet my excuses and fear head on.  If I am afraid of a Blog, them I research about them and then I built one.  So I suggest you make a video about excuses.  

Williams Reply to my challenge: http://bit.ly/2TWKKHS

Betty Waite



Joann Jacques


I'm told Youtube is the spot ... I want to know all that I can to be successful on Youtube ...



Angella Anderson Thomas


How do you go about scheduling business post on Facebook?#teleportationthursday

ANSWER IN VIDEO: http://bit.ly/30Vqvvt

Millard Hodge Jr.


I have decided to really take marketing my business online more seriously.  I have been growing my business through more traditional ways and I need to dedicate myself to learn online using social.  So where should I begin? Which social media platform is the best place for me to start?  http://bit.ly/2O2s2ea

What happens if I don't have a lot of time everyday?  I have heard that you have to have 2 to 3 hours everyday posting on Facebook and doing videos on YouTube.  As well as putting pictures on Instagram.  How do you really have time for all of those things if you are only one person?  I will do it if I have to because I am very serious about making things happen. I also heard about this new software that can make it easier to create content, lead funnel and connect with people. Should I buy it.  I need a big change in my business ASAP.


Frequently Asked Question 

Why do I need to think or be worried about Branding if I am in a MLM, Affiliate or Network Marketing Company?  Isn't the company or product branding enough? 

Where is the best place to start creating a Personal Brand Online?

What is the big deal about SEO?  Is keywords, or meta descriptions? 

How are the resent changes with Google's Algorithm going to effect me as a Solopreneur with my business online?

Why is everyone going Content Crazy Online?  I don't really get why it's so important...Please explain?