Hi, I'm Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama

Here is what I know for sure... My Purpose: 

I Believe I Am Here To Impact Those Who Are Supposed To Change The World..... Big or Small Through Business.

I Find It A Huge Honor and A Blessing To Work and Interact With Solopreneurs As They Learn Skills and Strategies To Grow Their Home Based Business.


About: What We Do

Our goal is to help Solopreneur Home Based Business Owners and Side-Giggers to learn how to build an amazing business not alone but by themselves. Here is the TRUTH:  You have an idea for a business or you purchased a MLM or Affiliate and you made a decision to use the internet, a blog, or social media to find customers.  However, you found out very quickly that building a successful online business isn't easy.  As a matter of fact it's DAMN HARD!  So what we do here is help the Solopreneur and Side-Gigger create a Social Media and Local SEO Strategy that can be executed by yourself but can yield a SUPERSIZED returns.   



Create A Clear Vision

The first part of the Trifecta System is to be Transparent. We are setting a clearly defined vision of what type of business you wish to create. It's more than just knowing who is your Target Market. It's mapping out very specific goals for your business and having the tools and skills to achieve them. Also it's about knowing how you want to show up in the world to serve and using your business as a platform to make an impact that makes a change.  Transparency is developed out of the researching process.


Be true

Being Authentic is very empowering things.  As the second step of the Trifectas Systems, Authentic is all about designing a unique, super-powered BRAND  that gets noticed by the right CORE Market.  Here is where we identify your specific superpowers. what makes you and your brand unique? What is it about you that sets you apart and makes you different? What outcome would your customer get from what you do?  An Authentic Brand is created through the process of Content Creation. 


Post up baby!

The third step in the System is Position. Position yourself in the right mindset to remove all self doubt and self sabotage. Position yourself to create a consistent, reoccurring income stream that is true to you. Position yourself around an audience of people who love you and where you can totally grow with them.  Position your offers so they are in front of people who will value them the most and would love to buy from you. Instead of putting your offers in front of any person who has a pulse. Position yourself in the Market or Industry you are in as someone who gives value. Positioning is done through the Process of creating sales and results.

About: How I really Love Working With These Guys

As a guide for Solopreneurs while they build their businesses online, it is such an honor for me to work side by side with them and watch them grow.  Whether they joined me through my FREE classes like Facebook LIVE Challenge or 1000 Facebook LIKES Challenge. OR they purchased my paid courses like Outta The Gate Bootcamp (Where To Start) or Outta The Gate Results.  I am thrill to ignite ideas, knowledge and online marketing Strategies that impacts them in a powerful, prosperous way that connects us all to a deeper purpose.   

We are so excited to make you apart of the family!  HOW CAN WE HELP?

Thank you Tonya, I can't wait to see when this is over how far my business and I would've grown. I am really glad I won the Facebook Live Challenge. 

Nice! , thank so much. I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure this out.  So I need a "Bubble" Social Media Platform and a "Non-Bubble" Social Platform.  Ok I got it now.



Flexitarian Specialist

I just tried out making my custom LIST!!

I LOVE IT!! I will definitely be using this feature!

The most you can tag is 100 people! LOL!

Sonja Freeman

Diva Diamond Brand

Celebrating the moments! 

Being a 3 time recipient of this award has not only been a huge accomplishment in my career as a Solopreneur Coach & Content Marketer, but is has been a God Sent Honor.  The My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Award is only given to those who help others to achieve their goals.  Which I think is SUPER!

So a special Thank You to my students in the images below.  You are all amazing people. I appreciate that you have allowed me to coach you through my groups, challenges, and courses.  You are all SUPERHEROS!   

Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama Students

About: What I Learn From My Mom and Applied to my business

My Beautiful Mother - My Heart - My Teacher - MY SUPERHERO

The Foundation of everything my mother taught me and still teaches me until this day is GOD.  He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.  So when I put him first my days (and my business) will be better for it.  I believe this to my core so I wrote about it in the 7 Day Re-Challenge. It is 7 days of Powerful Biblical Lessons that GOD gives Solopreneurs to Refocus your Daily Habits in business to his Perfect Design. I think you will find Great Value in just one week. 

Be true and be what you are: A STRONG BLACK WOMAN.  Remember people will help you on occasions, but be prepared to do the heavy lifting and hard work yourself.  Hard work builds great character. Remember to always be Authentically Yourself

It's never to late and you are never to old to have a Second Act. I greatly admire my mother for going back to school and earning her college degrees in her 40's.  PERSEVERANCE! She started a new career and many thought she was too old ... but she proved them all wrong. Create your own second chances. Be your own Superhero.  


We want more than anything to see you succeed and to help you create consistent, reoccurring income.

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