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IMG_0196[1]My name is Tonya Hall – The Chocolate Mama and I am a Network Marketing Professional who specializes in helping others, to find the right recipe for insta-success to build their business brand online.  It’s doesn’t matter what product or company you represent.  But what matters is you acquiring the skills & knowledge to grow your business.  Skills like getting leads, new reps, generating a consistent revenue stream.  So that is what we do here on this site, help you develop your brand.  Now I must admit it has been a journey for me to find my way through all the muck online.  Which is why, I’m always excited to share with others who might be stuck or just wish to avoid the pitfalls of this industry all together, how to be successful as well.

I worked about 15 years as a traditional business owner in the Event & Wedding Planning Industry.  As routine, I would have to chase down brides, get lots of referrals & spend countless hours at Brides Trade Shows to get new leads.  Always in search for new couples to keep me in business.  A skill that came to be useful in the Network Marketing Industry.  Then the economy began to change and a business I spent years building was almost gone overnight.  I was then forced back into the work market at a job I HATED!!


Here’s what I know.  There’s nothing really special about me, or any particular acquired skills.  However, I did know one thing and that I deserved a better life plan then the one I was living I deserved the opportunity to generate income based on my work ethics and not based on what my boss thought I was worth.  I deserved to be able to help my parents out financially and I knew that it was not going to happen on my current salary.  So I did something else.  I did an internet search & found someone who showed me how to build a successful business online & offline.  How to generate endless leads that I could plug into any Network Marketing company and make it a success.  It was eye opening and such then the journey to financial freedom began. Because I knew I DESERVED IT.

Now as I continue to build my business there is a constant that shows itself.  That people are genuinely good hardworking folks, who just want the best for their families and their communities. Young adults are coming fresh out of college and are unable to find a job.  And more seasons workers are not being paid enough wages to support the family.  SO…….WHAT DO YOU DO?  WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS?

If you understand the more traditional route of going to college, making good grades, then graduating and getting a good paying job or career that last 40 year, until you retire at the ripe age of 65, is not such a viable option anymore then you are ahead of the curb.  The career market had changed right before my eyes and it continues to do so.   Some of you like I was, might be caught up in it too.  It’s not your fault.  Noone told you that the game has changed and there are different rules now.  New rules to get ahead………. new rules to feed your family………… new rules to success.

BUT IMAGINE THIS……..What if someone taught you the new game, with all the rules.  What if someone helps you to break the game down so that you could play at your best potential.  What if someone gave you all the recipes and the playbook to WIN LIKE A CHAMPION.  WHAT IF?

Well I say stop the what if’s and now get in the game.  So now I train Small Business Owners & Network Marketers how to generate leads online.  I’m committed to helping you build a successful Business Online, while being a Charitable Light for your Community. Can’t wait to see your success story.