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3 Key Areas Of Business To Build Productivity

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The Trifectas System is the backbone or foundation for the Super Apprentice Stage. You have big ideas for your business and a vision of what success could look like. But you're also nervous and scared because you have no idea how to get there.  I am here to help and I want to take you through the 3 key areas of business for a Super Apprentice and what you should be doing in each to help you get your business off the ground. These areas are: Transparent, Authentic and Positioned.


The first part of the Trifectas System is to be Transparent. We are setting a clearly defined Vision of what type of business you wish to create. It's more than just knowing who is your Target Market. It's mapping out very specific goals for your business and having the tools and skills to achieve them. Also it's about knowing how you want to show up in the world to serve and using your business as a platform to make an impact that makes a change. Transparency or vision is developed out of the market researching process.


Being Authentic is a very empowering things.  As the second step of the Trifectas Systems, Authentic is all about designing a unique, super-powered BRAND that gets noticed by the right CORE Market.  Here is where we identify your specific superpowers, what makes you and your brand unique? What is it about you that sets you apart and makes you different? What outcome would your customer get from what you do? An Authentic Brand is created through the process of Content Creation. 


The third step in the System is Positioned. Position yourself in the right mindset to remove all self doubt and self sabotage. Position yourself to create a consistent, reoccurring income stream that is true to you. Position yourself around an audience of people who love you and totally grow with them. Position your offers so they are in front of people who will value them the most and would love to buy them. Instead of putting your offers in front of any person who has a pulse. Position yourself in the Market or Industry you are in as someone who gives value. Positioning is done through the Process of creating sales and results.


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This movie is the absolutely funny and perfect example of how a Super Apprentice should behave every single day practicing Transparency. Remember that Transparency or VISION is developed out of the market researching process. Your day should be filled with testing, experimenting, developing, building, and researching.

To determine what you are good at you should be testing different types of content styles. Experimenting with traffic building strategies, developing a consistent presences on Social Media, building a list of potential buyers, researching for a specific niche or holes in the marketplace that you can fill and create a brand around.

Take the time to develop your talents, your Super Powers and look for ways to build a specific NICHE. Create content to serves that niche.  Be the Go To Person in that very specific niche market.  

Just like in the movie, he was NOT quick to establish a name at first, as much is he was looking to establish how he could be useful to the community he wanted to serve.


Primary Focus

Right now, your primary focus for your business is MARKET RESEARCH. You need to spend time understanding your ideal paying customer, the landscape, your competitors and the online world for your niche. This takes time, but it's essential in validating your business and ensuring you build it on strong foundations. Once you do that, you need to focus on getting and creating revenue. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to help move things along.


  • Start with: One Flagship Offer to your product / One Driving social media platform / One Daily Action Plan to engage your core target customer/ One Closing Script message to make sales. Results happen faster with focus, so don't spread yourself too thinly.

  • Put your offer out there every day, through your content
  • Spend most of your time researching your ideal paying customer and get clear on their problems and dreams. Create your business around those problems and dreams.

  • If you need a website, use a free About.me site. Don't waste time on a logo or website yet, it's too soon.

  • Focus on building your audience as quickly as you can.


  • Waste time on branding or a website yet

  • Get into debt for things you don't need

  • Worry about failing. This is the best time to fail into the right Niche Market.

  • Invest $$$ in expensive coaches. But look for group coaching opportunities or Solopreneur groups like the Trifectas.
  • Don't get stuck in giving away free offers for too long, own your value. Learn to create a balance and build a Value Ladder of offers


At this stage you have no systems or structure yet as you're in the test phase. These can be created as you validate your offers and business model. Use basic and free tools to support you.  Your role is very much stuck into doing everything and that's OK! Your Business Design Focus Is On: Developing your messaging. Testing  your content. Trialing your offer. Taking the insights from this, improve it, Then going again. Personal Development: Learning from Google, YouTube and thechocolatemama.com Blog.

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Authentic is defined as: “not false or copied; genuine; real.” And, my favorite definition, “representing one's true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified.”

A personal brand needs to be an  Authentic Representation of who you really are and not some made up role, avatar, or character you have chosen to play. Don't just make something up. Develop a personal brand solely on who you are and who you desire to show up in the world to be. Creating Content allows you the opportunity to create a VOICE.  


Create content that gives value and proves your expertise based on your experiences. If you have limited experiences that's OK. Just create content around what you will be testing, or what you would like to do. Get others who want to try things out with you to test it as a group experience. Then add your sales messaging to the end, even if that message is just to Direct Message you to find out how to join up with you.


Create a daily routine or schedule that supports you and what you would like to do.  If you know you only have 10 hours a week to build your business, then use those hours strategically. Create a daily routine with Exercising, Journaling, meditation or whatever keeps you focused and productive. Also be flexible and embrace failure - the money is in the mistakes.


Experiment with different forms of Content Creation. When you are started off it's important to find a content creation style that matches not only your product and services.  It's important to find one that matches you. Facebook LIVES or Videos on YouTube.  Image Posting on Pinterest or Instagram. Presentation Post on LinkedIn.  This is your chance to figure out a method that highlights your strengths while creating an engaged audience.  


The outcome of the research process should be that you create and opinion on the things you are learning.  Not that you are to copy everything you are learning verbatim. Being Authentic with your Personal Branding is about using your on life experiences to establish why you like or dislike a marketing strategy or method. Sharing your experiences is what you should be creating content around. 


Being Positioned is about setting yourself up to make the sale experience the best it can be for your customer.  Often times your potential customer is not in a buying position when they come into contact or awareness of you.  It is your job through your Content Marketing Strategy to get them in the RIGHT POSITION to be ready to buy.   Let's explore how to make this process happen.

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