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The Key Activities To Focus On To Get The Big Results

build ... engage ... nurture ... sell




A Crusader is a person who campaigns vigorously for change; a campaigner.  The Results indicate that you are in The Crusader Stage.  The backbone and foundation of The Outta The Gate Result System was developed and built on this stage.

The Crusader Stage is probably where you've been going for a little while, generating some revenue and you've started to build a connection with an audience online. But this stage can tricky time, right? You want to grow and level up your business, but you have no idea how. Not to diminish your wins you have already, but you see everyone else doing exceptionally well and wonder what you need to do to get the same results. Well, I am here to help.

At this stage of your business as a Crusader you should be completely focused on these 4 key daily activities for your business: BUILD, ENGAGE, NURTURE, AND SELL.  Along with these 4 key daily activities a Crusader should be developing a set of Systems, Procedures, and Structures that keeps customers in the pipeline at all times. This is how you creating consistent reoccurring income.  


The first step a Crusader should be focused on is to Build An Audience. But not any audience, we will be building an audience Outside The Bubble. We Will be learning the art and science of Building an audience through Market Research and choosing the right keywords. This is the ultimate skill for the Solopreneurs. Crafting a "Hit List" of under served keywords is magical. Building an audience is all about a single minded focus on One Flagship Product.


Being Engaged with your audience is super empowering. As the second step for a Crusader, engagement is all about creating the right content that's the most RELEVANT to your Core Market.  Here is where you can use the specific market research and keywords from the "BUILD" step, to develop content that brands you, that explains your product and services to buyers, as well as set you apart from competitors and give you authority. Engaging an audience is developed around One Driving Social Media Platform (in the bubble strategy).


The third step in the System is Nurture. Nurture is creating a Daily Action Plan that helps to establish rapport with your Core Target Audience. This rapport creates a pool of buyers that can create a consistent, reoccurring income stream. Social Media posting, Follow-Up Email Campaigns, Posting on a Blog, are all examples of ways to stay engaged with an audience of people who love you and totally grow with you. Nurturing an audience allows you to stay on top of what your Core Audience finds valuable and is willing to buy.  Nurturing an audience is measured over a time period from consistently completing the One Daily Action Formula.


The fourth and final step in the Crusader System is Sell. To be absolutely honest, if the first three steps have been done well, then this final stage is simple.  To Sell to an audience is about having a conversation through content, videos, podcast, blog post ....etc, that shares the BENEFITS and VALUE add to the buyer.  The mistake that is often made is the focus is too much on the features of the product or services. 

Selling to an audience is the conversational results of One Closing Non-Script Script.


In the Crusader Stage the first activity to focus on is, DON'T BE A BUBBLE BUTT!  Right here is where a huge mistake is often made by so many Solopreneurs in their business.  

Being a Bubble Butt is having the majority of your daily activities (work) being done on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter ....etc.  That is a BIG MISTAKE!

Those are all platforms within the bubble. They have no real Search Engines value and no real reach outside of the circle of influence on that platform.  

If you post on Facebook, you can't see it on LinkedIn.  If you share a story on Instagram, your followers on Twitter will not see it. 

In the Crusader Stage your main goals and activities should all be focused OUTSIDE the bubble on Platforms like Google, YouTube, Pinterest.

For example if I do a YouTube video titled: Solopreneur How To Create An Offer (Value Exchange). With the correct keywords structure, number of viewers, and time, this video can be found and ranked on Google even though it was posted on YouTube.

As a Solopreneur we have to learn to spend most of our business grow energy in the place that gives us the most leverage.

Primary Focus "BUILD" Outside The Bubble

Right now, your primary focus for your business is Building... Outside The Bubble. You need to spend time understanding why you need to do Keyword and Market Research. If you don't know which words and phrases people type into Google or any search engines, then how will you know your ideal paying customer, how to structure your content, who are your competitors, you won't be able to do correct target marketing and the online world for your niche. This takes time, but it's essential in validating your business and ensuring you build it on strong foundations.  Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to help move things along.


  • If you feel to really need a website, use a free About.me site.
  • Start with: One Flagship Offer to your product / One Driving social media platform / One Daily Action Plan to engage your core target customer/ One Closing Script message to make sales. 
  • Focus on building a list of keywords and phrases. Craft a more optimal SEO Strategy. Find keywords that match your business goals
  • Spend most of your time researching your ideal paying customer and get clear on their problems and dreams. Create your business around those problems and dreams.
  • Look for low cost training courses designed specifically for Solopreneurs and Side-Giggers.  Then apply the information to your business to test for growth.


  • Don't waste time on a logo or website yet, it's too soon. Let the Market Research help you to determine your ideal name, style, branding...etc.
  • Don't spread yourself too thinly on multiple Social Media Platforms. Remember results happen faster with focus energy. 
  • Don't invest your time and energy into keywords that are difficult to rank for.  
  • Don't waste time on researching keyword that have a low ROI. Don't fall into the trap of trying to be like other business, let the research help you to develop a unique marketing strategy that is based on you and your experiences. 
  • Don't Invest $$$ in expensive coaches. But look for group coaching opportunities or Solopreneur groups like the Trifectas.


At this stage you are start the process of creating systems or structure. You're in the test phase.  Try to use basic and free tools to support your business.  Your role is still very much stuck into doing everything and that's OK!  But start to look for small ways to leverage your time but outsourcing when possible. Your Business Design Focus Is On: Developing your messaging. Testing  your content. Trialing your offer. Taking the insights from this, improve it, Then going again. Personal Development: Learning from Google, YouTube and thechocolatemama.com Blog.

Enter your text here...


Engaged is defined as: “participate or become involved in..” "pledge or enter into a contract to do something."

And my favorite definition, “establish a meaningful contact or connection with.” 

Have you ever had an instant in your life that a business gave you exactly what you had been looking for 

 or wanted when you desperately needed answers.  


Excited, Thankful, Thrilled, Resolved, Completed, Grateful to the person who SOLVE your problem or issue.  


Creating Relevant Content allows you the opportunity to be that person for your industry.  

It allows you to be the one who SOLVES PROBLEMS.  An within doing that, your business creates an

IRRESISTIBLE VOICE that customers want to Engage with.  


Create content RELEVANT Content that Solves Problems.  Create a list of problems in your industry, problems your have had or currently having, problems your product or services solve, or problems other leaders in your industry are solving.  


Create A list of mistakes you have had in your business. Crate a master Epic Failure List. The more failure and mistakes the better. Share those with your audience - the money is in the mistakes.


Experiment with different forms of Content Creation. Facebook LIVES or Videos on YouTube.  Image Posting on Pinterest or Instagram. Presentation Post on LinkedIn.  Figure out a method that highlights your strengths while creating an Engaged Audience.  


Share your opinion on the things you are learning with your audience. Don't copy everything you are learning verbatim. Content Creation is sometime sharing your on life experiences with your audience to establish why you like or dislike a marketing strategy or method. Sharing your experiences is what you should be creating daily content around. 


The Strategy to NURTURE leads is fairly simple and can partially be done through automation. Nurturing your audience should be thought of as a Daily Action Plan to segment and deliver.   

Recommended Resources

Must Have A Daily Action Plan

  Listen to the Audio!

There is no real need to move your business forward unless you have a true system in place to turn leads into sales. It is a waste of time, budget, efforts creating lead capture pages or funnels if you don't have a clear vision of converting your new leads into sales.  It's like burning money in a fireplace just to boil water. Listen to Audio!

How To Nurture Leads Online

Create A Lead Nurturing Campaign That Segments

If I said I want a good burger that would be a good description.  However, if I said I want a Classic burger with extra pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and mayo. You would think of that burger with a different visual picture. It might even make you hungry. That's Segmentation and that is what you should be doing with your leads. Listen to the Audio! 


For this last activity we are not going to over complicate the Sells Process.  I think scripts have there place and can be beneficial.  However, I think leaders and so called gurus have made learning script to robotic and thus watered down the process. Closing is not complicated, it's just about asking the questions:

" Would you like to super size that?" "Would you like to upgrade that ma~am?"  "Would you like fries with that shake?"

Get comfortable with selling - practice sales calls so it feels fun.  Be more detached with the process and don't take things so personally.  Just get into the practice of asking the questions "Would you like .......?"


Creating Systems, Procedures, and Structure For Your Business

Remember early we talked about in the Crusader Stage you should be completely focused on 4 key daily activities for your business: BUILD, ENGAGE, NURTURE, AND SELL.  But Along with these 4 key daily activities a Crusader should be developing a set of Systems, Procedures, and Structures that keeps customers in the pipeline as all times and this is how you creating consistent reoccurring income. Let's take a look at how to start creating this for your business. 


A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

In order to build a successful Online Business, you MUST start thinking of all the moving parts of your business and how they will need to work together.

I like to think about how Mc Donald's created a billion dollar system through an assembly line. The Meat Station, Bun with Condiments Station, and the Topping Station (lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles...etc).  Each station requires a certain assembly to make a end results. 

Now think about your business in that same manner.  To get to your end results you might for an example need: Leads, Content, A Sales Funnel, Automation, Market Research, Blog, Video Marketing, Content Planner Calendar, Daily Action Plan Formula, Keyword List.  

What do you need for your business system?


An established or official way of doing something. A series of actions conducted in a certain order or manner.

Now that you have established exactly what you will need to make your business run successfully, it is time to create a set of daily procedures. 

Procedures is all about the ORDER of the Assembly Line.  What do you do first, second, third, so on and so on? In the Mc Donald's assembly line the condiments are right next to the buns because mustard, mayo, or ketchup goes right on the buns.

Now let's assemble your business. What is the first thing you need? Secondly? Thirdly? and so on and so on? Remember it's about your business needs. Focus on just your business and not on anyone else business needs.

What is your order?


Is something of many parts that is put together. Construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.

Structure can best be described as Frequency. How often you do your procedure.  So let's go back to the condiments on the bun example. 

You have the early shift and evening shift and they both make Big Mac Burgers.  You can't have the early shift putting 5 squirts of the special sauce on the buns and the evening shift putting 15 squirts. Structure is how many times or frequency you need to do something to get the end results.

Now look at your business.  How many videos do you need to do per week to establish authority?  How many keyword do you need to create quality content for your audience?  How often should you send out emails to make sells? 

What is your frequency?



If you're wondering how to achieve those things up there, I have a few things that can help someone at your stage. Click the buttons below to check them out​!