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The Hall Of Freedom System is for Solopreneurs striving for less manual work in your business and more automative systems, procedures and structures. This type of business functionally requires more individual customization and mastermind way of thinking about your business. Which is why at this stage we offer to two options:

One To One Coaching

All of the One to One Coaching Sessions are lead by Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama a three time award winning online business marketer. Here are some of the benefits you will get from Tonya's Coaching Sessions:

  • Keyword & Market Research
  • Identifying Your Core Target Audience 
  • Creating An Evergreen Lead Generating Offer 
  •  Setup Automation Email and Buying Systems
Hall Of Freedom Mastermind Group

The Hall Of Freedom Mastermind Group are group coaching sessions designed for Solopreneurs who desire great business value, but are working with a fixed budget. 

This problem runs quarterly and talks about very specific topics:

  • Building Keywords Challenge
  • 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge
  • 1000 Facebook LIKES In 5 Days
  • 100 Days Branding & Content Experiment


My coaching students usually fall in one of three levels of business growth. 

  • Super Apprentice
  • Crusader
  • Hall Of Freedom

Each level has very specific tacks and skill sets to mastery.  The students in the video are being instructed on their very specific needs and levels. Here are some of the topics we are discussing:

  • Pillar Keywords for Content
  • Google Marketing Strategy
  • Syndication Strategy
  • Build A Beginner Marketing Plan
  • Simple Promotion Offers

Primary Focus Of Each Session

Each Coaching Client is completely different and have different business goals they wish to obtain. However, 95% of the time there is ONE main factor that they all have in common. 


New customers, prospects, clients or whatever name you are using. New people who are interested in your specific product or service you offer and who are ready to BUY. This is a universal need for all businesses.  Now the methods to attract and acquire your Core Target Audience are different. The Social Media Platforms as well as Search Engines are very different. So exploring the different methods and platforms to find the best match to the audience you wish to attract is where I start all my clients.  

(1) 2 Hour Session 

  • This 2 hour session with give you a Business Assessment Quiz to determine your business goals and outline a path for grow for the next 12 months 

  • We will assess which skill you must acquire to reach your business goals
  • We will teach you the process of researching your ideal paying customer and get clear on their problems and dreams. Create your business around those problems and dreams.

  • We help you find your brand voice that will help you to attract your new ideal customer, prospect or client over and over again. 

  • We help you create a Focused Blueprint on building your audience as quickly as possible

(16) 1 Hour Sessions 

  • You will complete all items in the (8) sessions coaching course.
  • We will help you to create a FULL Content Marketing Strategy for the next year of business growth 
  • We will teach you how to setup and run an amazing Zoom Event

  • We will show you how to find and attract 1000 Super Fans

  • We will set the foundation and help you create momentum to focus on building your audience as quickly as you can.

1 Hour Sessions 

  • We offer a 1 hour coaching consultation on special request and as time permits.  You must contact us directly here.

(8) -  1 hour Sessions  

  • We cover everything that is taught on the (1) 2 hour session

  • We help your through the process of creating a polished consistent brand on all your Social Media Platforms 

  • We help you to create a customized lead magnet funnel to generate new leads for your business 

  • We help you streamline your productivity and create you a yearly content calendar
  • We customize with you a complete online marketing strategy that you can execute seamlessly.
  • We teach you how to build a business around your passions

(24) 1 Hour Sessions 

  • We teach you copywriting to connect with your Core Audience better

  • We teach you Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • We help you create a Webinar Marketing System

  • We teach how to Invest $$$ in systems that bring more automation and ease to your life as a busy Solopreneur


At this point there are no obligations. However, if you have been at a crossroads and have no momentum in your business. If you have ideas, interest, passion, and lack method or structure. If you have been jumping from business to business, job to job and lack focus or a true purpose. If you are in need of a paradigm shift and need guidance to move to the next level.  If you need to know the tools and resources you should be using to make a huge impact in your business. If you and ready to invest in yourself and get into Super Action Mode just click the Apply Here Button below. 

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The Hall Of Freedom Mastermind Group is for Solopreneurs who desire coaching but in a group setting.  

In previous years these Masterminds Groups have covered the latest business strategies to help you

grow your audience, create engagement, nurture your prospect, convert sales. The Mastermind Sessions are done as a $90 Membership Paid every three months, covering specific topics in quarterly sessions. 

Here are a few topics we have covered in the past:

  • 5 Day Facebook LIVE Challenge
  • 1000 Facebook LIKES In 5 Days
  • 100 Days Branding & Content Experiment
  • Building Keywords Challenge
  • 5K Challenge
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Funnel Creation Course
  • 7 Day Build A Blog Challenge
  • 365 Day Content Calendar Creation Challenge
  • 6 Pillars To Online Profits

Below are students who have participated on many of our Hall Of Freedom Mastermind Sessions 

Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama
Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama
Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama
Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama
Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama
Solopreneur Coaching Students Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama


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