March 12

DON’T QUIT: Solopreneurs Get Back To Being Active On Social Media Building

Out Of The Social Media Game?

So you’ve been out of the Social Media Game for a while probably because you got sick and tired of posting content all the time, trying to connect with new prospects, and not seeing the results you wanted. It was exhausting and time consuming, with very little or no purchases of your products or services. It all seem not to be worth the trouble. So you slowed down or you just quit. Lately however, you have been considering getting back in the game. So before you do, write down the 5 Steps Plan For Solopreneurs To Get Back To Being Active On Social Media.

  1. Build a Marketing Research Strategy
  2. Build a List Building Strategy
  3. Build a Strong Offer/Lead Magnet
  4. Build a Personal Brand Experience
  5. Build a Content Marketing Plan to Back Up Your Brand

Build a Marketing Research Strategy

The first thing you have to do is start Build A Marketing Research Strategy. What that means is, you have to spend time researching on the internet for your competition, mentors, rising stars, a variety of people in your industry, and see what others are doing.  Research articles, blogs, social media post, groups, club, podcasts …. etc. Determine where are the holes in the market place?  See where you can add value or talk to a smaller niche that is being over looked by the Big Guys.  Now create a “HIT LIST” of the top ideas your found.  Put them in a spreadsheet or bookmark the articles.  I use because it’s free.  The Hit List can also be used to create content post. 

In the Marketing Research phase the biggest mistake Solopreneurs make is rushing this process.  This first step is all about creating a Pipeline for your business.  Billionaire Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, tells the story of Building A Pipeline To Wealth vs Hauling Buckets.  It is the perfect example of the mindset you must acquire.  See the story in the video below. 

Build a List Building Strategy

If you are online and you don’t have a List Building Strategy stop everything you have been doing and create one immediately. This is a vital part of your Business Pipeline. Plan out different places on your Social Media Platforms to capture leads daily. This is done based on their interest and how your Core Target Market best consume content.  I have complied a variety of List Building Strategies. PLEASE, Only select one or two ways to start your process and grow from there.  

  • Cheat-sheets 
  • eBooks
  • Downloads
  • PDF
  • Pop Ups
  • Landing Pages
  • Funnels
  • Freebies
  • Coupons
  • Subscriptions
  • Hello bars
  • Welcome Mats
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Sidebars
  • Widgets
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Pro’s and Con’s List
  • Best of List
  • VIP, Private Groups, or Inner Circle
  • Ultimate Guides

 Iné Alexakis an author from Moosend wrote an article about 

​73 Thriving Strategies Email List Building that gives more List Building Opportunities

Build a Strong Offer/Lead Magnet

Now that you have a done research and created a Hit List. Time to capture lead with your Offer Lead Magnet. This is a value exchange process, that you give a prospect something they desire (The List Build Strategy Methods: eBooks, Checklist, Ultimate Guide….etc.) In exchange for their email. Here is the Key. You have to make your OFFERS Customized, Niche, Branded, Super Valuable or Specialized.  If you create a Offer Lead Magnet like someone else ….it will not yield the results you desire, which is LEADS aka. BUYERS

Build a Personal Brand Experience

When building online, the only thing that matters is You and Your Brand. Your FOCUS is creating ways to make your brand stand out. So what’s your brand voice? Who do you want to serve? What makes you (your brand) Unique or Different? Building out your brand is the absolute DNA of your business.  Click the link to Watch the Free 4 Part Training Below.

Check Out SOLOPRENEURS: How to Attract Customers, Build a Personal Brand, and Make Money Online

Build a Content Marketing Plan to Back Up Your Brand

Now your brand voice and who you serve is established. It’s time to create content that backs up the brand. Content that makes the brand clear to your audience who you are and what you are about.  

We see through Coca-Cola products that they are world’s largest beverage distribution system, they are the No. 1 provider of both sparkling and still beverages. 

The Coca Cola Company Mission is to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions. To create value and make a difference.

All the content and products they put out into the world only goes to reinforce that brand message. â€‹


Make Sure Your Business Is Following The 5 Steps Plan For Solopreneurs To Get Back To Being Active On Social Media BUILDING Your Business or Side- Gig.

  1. Build a Marketing Research Strategy
  2. Build a List Building Strategy
  3. Build a Strong Offer/Lead Magnet
  4. Build a Personal Brand Experience
  5. Build a Content Marketing Plan to Back Up My Brand



You might have no idea what activities you should focus on for your stage of business. You might have a good idea, but you’d love to check if you’ve got the basics right. You might be doing very well but want to see what you should be doing next to ensure business growth. Either way, this is for you.


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