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No Time to Wait? Find The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business  

If You Have Great Keywords But You Put Content On The WRONG Platform, Then What's The Point?

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Social Media Platform Selector Guide


According to most brands still don’t know how to use social media to engage audiences and help their own bottom line. There is, however, a right -- and wrong -- way businesses can share their content on social media.


The average social media user maintains five accounts, but that doesn’t mean you should also. Businesses should share their content on the platforms where their target audience spends the most time. I recommend you do some research into the demographics of different platforms to make this decision.



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This limited time offer is to give you access to "Finding The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business".  The video training is apart of Module 2 from the OUTTA THE GATE RESULTS Program.  It is absolutely the KEY turning point in creating Engagement on your social media profiles.  The thought process is this ..... If you can't engage an audience, then how can your sell to an audience.  

So this where the journey begins with finding the right social media platform for your business


Sometimes you just learn better with things in writing. So we have put it all on a PDF Download Infographic that covers 8 different social media platforms.  Breaking it  down in an easy readable chart  from demographics, purpose, best used for and the downsides platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 


This is a 5 Question Numbered Quiz that scores your business on 8 different social media platforms individually. Based on your score you can determine which platform will work best for business growth and engagement with your Core Target Audience.

Video Training 

In the Finding The Right Social Media Platform Video Training we will cover 8 different social media platforms.  We discuss the current way the platforms are designed to be used.  We talk demographic, purpose, best for and downsides from those 8 platforms.


What they say about the course

" I am making a goal to have my blog completed and YouTube as my 1 Primary Social Media Platform."

I learned how to create a FREE PDF that drives traffic to my YouTube videos.  Which will lead to sales. 

Go Natural 

"I think this all is pretty good. Really Awesome ..... NICE!"

This course helped me to get going and get results out of the gate.  Help me to be a Stallion and not a donkey.

Raghu Akula

Online Marketer

Highlights of the Video Training

"Finding The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business" 


At The 1:45 Minute Mark: Global Reach & Large Scale Impact

At the very start we explain exactly what the benefits of having a clear vision of how to use your social media platform. Without the right vision on the right platform your will find it difficult to engage an audience.   


At The 3:16 Minute Mark: The 5 Indicators

Here we explain there are 5 Indicators to help you Pinpoint the right social media platforms. What type, style or business model can often be the determining factor. 


At The 8:00 Minute Mark: Explaining 8 Social Media Platform Using The Infographic

Explaining exactly how to use the infographic to locate the best social media platform to engage with your Core Target Audience. You may find that your business will do well on multiple platforms.  However, we are learning in this video how to narrow down to the one social media platform that will be your Primary platform.

About the Course Instructor

Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama

Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama as she lovingly own on Social Media. Is a three time award winner in Lead Generation, Branding and Content Building.  

She works with individuals who are building a business by themselves (Solopreneurs) or those who just have a business as a Side-Gig. 

Tonya is a Master at creating simple steps to make Online Marketing effortless for the Solopreneur who is on a time crunch to build a business and make things happen.  

Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama Accepting Marketing Award




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We stand by our product so we are offering a satisfaction guarantee for 30 Days after your purchase.  No questions asked, no hassles.  If you are not satisfied with the product, just email us and we will be happy to give you a refund.


Even if you have been on a social media platform for some time now, it's important to get your hands on this product as a checks and balance to verify you are using it to its fullest potential.  You might find after taking the quiz that a larger earning potentials for your business are on other social platforms that have not been brought to your attention. 

Special Offer! For A Limited Time! ONLY $7

Download Now!