1001 keyword
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Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Lead Generation

If you have an online business, lead generation is a cornerstone of what you do. There's no greater asset than a mailing list of engaged, interested subscribers. What most people don't know is that the keywords that are in your content  is extremely important to building your mail list . In this video, we reveal our exact methods.



Keywords or Keyword Phrases are simply the words that people are searching for in the search engines.  You or your business absolutely want to be found by the search engines because when people search for the keywords or phrases that are relevant to your products or services this is how sells are created.   

How Do You Stand A Chance Reaching The Top Of The Search Results?

Let's say for example, if you’re an photographer that specializes in weddings, you need to have the words “Photographer or Wedding Photography” (or similar) on your website, videos, or social media business pages to start appearing in those search results. Let's look at the Pro's & Con's example of a page with and without keyword content.  


  • It’s must beneficial to find what’s called long tail keywords. These keywords may be searched for less often, but are much more specific. For example, Beach Wedding Photography. Perhaps Action or Event Photographer will rank better.  
  • Finding these kind of keywords and creating high quality, relevant content around them can help you get found too, by the same people that may search for the broader, more competitive keywords.
  • The FREE 1001 Keyword Marketing Content Ideas PDF was specifically designed for the Solopreneur, Side-Gigger, or Small Business Owner to gain LEVERAGE in your keyword research process.  1001 Keywords were created for several different types of businesses like, Real Estate, Social Media, Travel, Fitness, Women, Blogging, Weddings, Sales....and much more


  • More obvious keywords are difficult to rank for, and everyone will have the same idea, so there will be lots of competition. Words like Photographer or Wedding Photography will be hardest to rank. Which means hard to book clients.
  • Unfortunately there’s no easy way to find these keywords, you will need to do a bit of investigative work to unearth them. However using resources like the FREE 1001 Keyword Content Ideas PDF can assist you.
  • Free Keyword Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you find more broad keywords at the start of your search. It’s less useful for long tail keywords. There are several more expensive Keyword Research Tools available but they can take time to learn the software. Not to mention the cost. 


With the list of 1001 Keywords Marketing Content Ideas you can start to incorporate them into your content. Unlike in the past there’s really no reason to stuff keywords into your content. Instead now you can focus on creating useful content around each terms or long-tail keyword phrases we have provided for you in the 1001 Keyword Marketing Content Idea PDF. Complete the Form Below To Get Access!


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