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Top 4 Tips On The Successful Entrepreneur Mindset

HeadTrashIn just about every self help or personal development book, video, news post, or start-up program. The first thing an author asks its reader to do is to open their  mind, and have the right mindset.  They ask you to prepare your mind for the new information, new adventure, new technique, or new transformation you are about to experience.  But sometimes that’s easier said then done when you have your cell phone ringing, your children fighting, your spouse – who can not find anything without, your boss needing the report by the end of the day, or your parents stopping by for an unannounced visit.   MINDSET!” – Some days I’m lucky just not to loose my mind.

So what do you do?   What do the Top Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers do to create the right mindset to be productive?   What do they all have in common?  I like to call this the MIGHTY MARKETERS MINDSET!  Throughout my studies I have found that they all have these 4 fundamentals in common. Here are the Top 4 Tips On The Successful Entrepreneur Mindset:

1.  BEGIN WITH THE END PRODUCT IN MIND: What is it that you really want for your business?  Create your own blueprint or a vision of how you see your business in 6 month, 1 year, 5 years from now.   What will your bank account look like?   NOW that you have that vision, work backwards and fill in all the blank spaces with real, concrete information.  Do the research, just remember the decisions you make today, effect the outcomes of your tomorrow.  So no Dreamland or Disney World stuff anymore, but work on the REAL DILL PICKLE!   To get the things you envision in you mind, requires real work today.  What does this mean in practical terms?  Well, you might have to sacrifice a few weekend birthday parties, miss a few football games, or not watch “Scandal” on television this week,  in order to accomplish your goals.

 Mindset2. CREATE THE MINDSET YOUR WANT: Having the right mindset is not something you just stumble upon or go to bed and the proper mindset is left under your pillow from the MINDSET FAIRY.   You have to work for it, and sometimes fight for it. Especially if you don’t have many supporters for your business projects.   Also the distractions of life can suck you dry and drain every ounce of energy you had stored up.   MLM Gurus, the Top Social or Internet Marketers work at filling there minds with the correct information. Everyday they read positive training materials.  They never stop learning or educating themselves, thus this allows them to be more prepared at every turn.   If a prospect were to ask them questions, they have the answers.  Because their minds are set. Increase your personal development time.  Read more books and grow as a person. Then you will grow as a business.

 3.   SPEAK WITH DISTINCTION:  Some may call this confidence and posture.   I call it distinctive, because it’s almost regal to see some of the top Network Marketing leaders like Mike Dillard, Larry Beacham, Tracey Walker, Ray Higdon, Perry Marshall & Diane Hochman speak. It’s like having an “E F Hutton Moment”  when they talk – people listen.   The room stands still when they begin to coach, train, or mentor other Network Marketers & Home Based Business Owner.   Each have their own voice and style, but distinctive and powerful.  Their minds are set on being great leaders by creating powerful value in their blogs, websites & their industries.  They speak with confidence because it’s coming from a place of truth.   So where’s your truth?  Find YOUR TRUTH, in YOUR BUSINESS.  Then your voice will be DISTINCTIVE.

 4.   PASSIONATE DISCIPLINE: I have to admit this is my favorite.   Passion quite often is easier to find and to tap into.  DISCIPLINE, however can be more difficult.   When there are life’s many distractions, this is where the rubber meets the road.   So having the fire in your belly and passion in your heart is only half of the recipe.  Now it’s time to add a little seasoning of discipline to spice up the dish.   Pull out the calendar, pull up a spreadsheet and create a daily timeline log and marketing strategy for your life and business.  Creating a daily routine can seem boring, but what it really creates is production.  From the time you awake until you go to bed, plan your success.  Be very specific and details.  Then use it like a new bible and carry it every where you go. Don’t  just plan it, live it.  Not planning is planning to fail.   Not living it, is where you are now. Implement these top 4 tips on the successful entrepreneur mindset today and you will be the next success story. 


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