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Top 3 Responses For You To Learn From: It’s A SCAM

Today’s blog post is of particularly funny and sad, all at the same time.  Over the weekend there was a VIP Event for my primary business.  It’s an overview of my company, what we do, how we do it……etc.  I had several guests which is always was very exciting.  My absolutely marvelous team was in high spirits and just loving making money and being with each other.  The atmosphere was perfectly set for bringing in new reps to the organization.

The presentation was flawless and now is the opportunity to speak with all the guest and get them closed into the business.  We received such wonderful responsscam alertes and everyone was getting involved……Or so I thought.  There was one lady that appeared to love the business, took and application from me and proceeded to complete it.  Now for the new reps we don’t want you to leave the building without at least a modest amount of training.  So my company has a training session about 15 minutes after the overview, so there is a small restroom break.  So the lady excused herself to the ladies room….AND NEVER RETURNED.

To be perfectly honest, if she had told me in person that she wasn’t interested in the opportunity I might have tried to close her a little, but overall I don’t like chasing people to be a part of my opportunity.  Because if you chase them to be a part of your business, then you have to chase them to do the business and to make money.  And Who In The Hell Wants To Do That!   Anyway, the second part is about to start so I text her that we are about to begin, I don’t want you to miss anything.   Now here is her exact message “No thank you Tonya. Am not interested in any Marketing Scams. Please do not contact me any further.  Thank You.”

As long as I have been in Network Marketing this has been a constant terminology used to describe the industry.  At this point it doesn’t really phase me at all.  So here are the Top 3 Responses For You To Learn From: It’s A SCAM.


  1. Closing Is Not The Time For Teaching: I put that lady and anyone else who says the words, It’s A Scam, it into the category of lack of knowledge and education about the Network Marketing Industry. However, Closing is not the time to be teaching or educated a prospect.  And here is where so many go wrong in the closing process and where I believe why people talk bad about the industry.  Going back and forth with someone who is not on the same level is you is ridiculous.  Imagine it would be like Serena Williams, playing a tennis match against my 11 year old niece.  Then Serena boasting how sad my niece is because can’t play the game.  Crazy Right?  So stop going back & forth with people who don’t understand the game.

  1. Posture Is Not Only For Prospects But For Your Team Who Is Watching: Very soon my team noticed that the lady did not come back from the restroom and began to whisper…Where did she go?  Home I said without a flinch and my attention went right back to the speaker.  You should have seen the eyes of the newest members of my team.  They asked, “But why did she leave?”  I just looked at the speaker and applauded and participated in the excitement of the room.  Here’s what my team learned.  That one person does not make or break my business.  Or as my grandmother would say, One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show.  So the question to you is are you letting the monkeys run your business?  If the answer is Yes, then how long are you going to continue to allow that to happen?

  1. Play The Game With The Team Who CamPlay The Game With The Team Who Came To Win (2)e To Win: I can teach people skills, scripts, techniques and strategies to be successful in this industry.  But you can’t teach DESIRE.  If someone from the beginning does not desire to win with you in this business then this is a BIG SIGN to qualify your time.  You have to remember give you time to the people who desire it not the people who want it.


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