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Team Building Tap Rooting Strategies For Warm Market Prospecting

Tap Rooting Your Warm Market and Creating a Team Building Strategy

Want to grow your MLM Team from your Warm Marketing List? Taprooting Team Building Strategies is the platform many MLM Companies use.  But you’re not sure how to get start.   

Your upline or business mentor said something about Taprooting for warm marketing leads.  But you are a little hesitant to talk with your family and friends.

So watch the short video below where I explain Taprooting & Team Building Strategies. Who should and shouldn’t use this strategy. How to do it effectively? And as a Bonus I will share why so many fail with this warm market approach and how you can succeed?

What Is Taprooting Team Building Strategy For Warm Market?

Taprooting and Team Building is an offline marketing strategy used in recruiting new prospects from your warm market list and the warm market listings of your new reps, into your MLM or Network Marketing Company.

Often. when you first begin in a new MLM or Network Market Company they will ask you to create a list of  50-100 people you have know in your lifetime. This list will consist of names, phone numbers or even emails of people you can introduce your business opportunity or products to.  Most likely your upline will have a gathering, party or event in your home to do a live presentation.

Who Should Use This Marketing And Recruiting Strategies For MLM?

By now your company has given you a warm market prospecting scripts that you are to say as you call your warm marketing list.  Although I really like and have had great success with taprooting and team building strategy. I know the difficulties in making it work over a longer period of time.


  • The best candidate to use this strategy are those not afraid to speak with family and friends
  • Those who have a large list of people who know, like, and trust you
  • Someone who is not intimidated with extending an invitation to your contact list
  • Maybe someone who has a high influence with and over people.
  • Perhaps and individual who connects with others well.
  • Quick learners


  • Afraid to talk to family and friends
  • Who doesn’t have a large list of people who know, like or trust you
  • Someone who is intimidated with extending  an invitation to your contact list
  • Maybe someone who in introverted and doesn’t have a high influence with circle of friends
  • Doesn’t make connections well and has a hard time talking to people
  • Not coachable

How Network Marketers Can Use This  Strategy More Effectively

The absolute best way to use this strategy effectively is to create a culture and system of DUPLICATION.  The Taprooting Team Building Strategy is totally designed for each team member to actively participate in the process.  So when a team member quits or does not work the business, this process becomes more difficult.  Sometimes it can take a longer time to build a profitable business or often times is fall completely apart.

BONUS:Why So Many Fail With This Strategy And How To Avoid Being A Statistic

The best way to avoid failing at this strategy is the start new reps off with a Tap Rooting Training.  This process will be a new way of conducting business for most of your new reps, so give them the proper tools to be successful.   This strategy also requires more up front time away from your normal activities and with family and friends in order to build it out properly.  So if a new rep is pressed for time in their schedules this may not be the best business building strategy.  Finally remember that Taprooting is only one strategy to build your business.  I found when I switched from and Taprooting Team Building Strategy to an Online Strategy, my team grew faster and I made more money.

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