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6 Qualifying Questions to Ask Prospects

DO YOU VALUE YOUR TIME?  If you do, then stop wasting your time with Prospect who are not serious.  Here are 6 Qualifying Questions To Ask Prospect to filter them out.   You have to decide what your ideal prospect will be like?  What type of person would they be?  Then create interesting questions that will help you decide if this person is someone that can build something great with you. ...
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Top 4 Tips On The Successful Entrepreneur Mindset

In just about every self help or personal development book, video, news post, or start-up program. The first thing an author asks its reader to do is to open their  mind, and have the right mindset.  They ask you to prepare your mind for the new information, new adventure, new technique, or new transformation you are about to experience.  But sometimes that's easier said then done when you have yo...
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