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6 Qualifying Questions to Ask Prospects

Tonya Hall The Chocolate Mama. 6 Qualifying Question To Ask Prospects. #thechocolatemama #tonyahall (1)
DO YOU VALUE YOUR TIME?  If you do, then stop wasting your time with Prospect who are not serious.  Here are 6 Qualifying Questions To Ask Prospect to filter them out.   You have to decide what your ideal prospect will be like?  What type of person would they be?  Then create interesting questions that will help you decide if this person is someone that can build something great with you. ...
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Team Building Tap Rooting Strategies For Warm Market Prospecting

How To Taproot & Team Build From Warm Market List
Want to grow your MLM Team from your Warm Marketing List? Taprooting Team Building Strategies is the platform many MLM Companies use.  But you're not sure how to get start.    Your upline or business mentor said something about Taprooting for warm marketing leads.  But you are a little hesitant to talk with your family and friends. So watch the short video below where I explain Taprooting &...
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Welcome Video

Are you like me and you wonder is there more? More FREEDOM to live your Life the way you Envision? I knew it was OUT there and when I made the DECISION So Here's What Happened...... watch the quick video to get directions to where to start your journey and to Let your Life of FREEDOM begin. Thanks again for stopping by. Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama #af-form-629906098 .af-bod...
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