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Welcome Video

Are you like me and you wonder is there more? More FREEDOM to live your Life the way you Envision? I knew it was OUT there and when I made the DECISION So Here's What Happened...... watch the quick video to get directions to where to start your journey and to Let your Life of FREEDOM begin. Thanks again for stopping by. Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama #af-form-629906098 .af-bod...
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Network Marketing Prospecting – 4 Biggest Problem Areas

Network Marketing Prospecting - 4 Biggest Problem Areas PROSPECTING is the most important Activity that DIRECTLY Leads to Revenue. When you are looking to establish a Networking Marketing, MLM, or a Home Based Business, prospecting is arguably the most important skill to master when looking to establish a solid foundation for your business. Therefore for this reason, an investment of your time ...
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