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MLM Training: How To Shake Dem Haters Off

Shake Dem Haters Off #shakedemhatersoffThe question has come up several times to me, as to how do I deal with family and friends when I’m talking to them about business opportunity. What’s my special approach to get them to join my primary business?  Well I must say in all honesty THERE IS NO SPECIAL APPROACH. I present them with my business opportunity the same as anyone else.  I also have them go through the same screening process as well.  I have however, had to deal with HATERS amongst my family and friends more then anythings else.  In case you are not sure as to what I’m speaking of, here’s a quick definition.  HATER- a person whose jealous of another persons success or achievement. They like to nit-pic, be negative, put people down, or be little.  I refer to them as:




Don’t Be Afraid to Share- But Look Out For The Sucker Punch

Don’t be afraid to share you business with your family and friends.  However, if you are not prepared for their response and the possible criticism, (Sucker Punch), about your business, THEN SHUT UP!! Keep your business, business ideas, business strategies to yourself.  If you find yourself in a sharing mood, then share your level of commitment to your future. Inform them of the amount of hours, month, even years of dedication it will require for you to build a successful business.  But Hence the word INFORM, don’t try to sale, convince, or persuade them to understand your business.  It’s great to get others opinion and advice, to bring more incite, But a successful entrepreneurs always considers the source.  If your goal is to be a millionaire, why are you getting business advice from someone who has only been able to salary 50K their entire life.  If they new how to build a successful business wouldn’t they be making millions for themselves.  A better source of your time could be concentrating on reading books, articles, and blogs from business owners who are more equipped to give such advice.  Try going to conferences, watching training videos, or getting one-one-one business consulting advice from experts in your field.  In the end you will find that this will bring you much better results.


Band Wagon Buddies

Now these Haters are really very smart.  They at least recognized a good thing when they see it.  However they are usually very lazy. There’s this fantastic quote from the movie “Hustle and Flow” that really brings to light more clearly The Band Wagon Buddy Hater.

“There are two types of people: those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. People who walk the walk sometimes talk the talk but most times they dont talk at all, cause they to busy walkin.  Now, people who talk the talk, when it comes time for them to walk the walk, you know what they do? They talk people like me into walkin for them.”

You have to let this type of  HATER know that you only work with people who are serious about growing their business.  Don’t waste a lot of time on them.  But if you wish to give them a trial, then create very specific outline of expectation. Then test their sincerity about working with you and your business by adding deadlines to your those expectations.  That way you have a working relationship that is progressing forward.  If they are not meeting goals and expectations – THEN SHAKE THEM HATERS OFF!


Bringing Smiling Doubts – Tsunami Style

Tsunami is a series of water waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water.  Tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and displaces the overlying water. There are HATERS out there that bring devastation just like an actual tsunami.  Just like a tsunami this Hater starts under the surface dropping (deforming), the ground right from under you. Next you are swallowed up by a smashing force that’s travelling much to fast for you to get out of the way. This type of Hater comes to you smiling bringing advice or sharing with you something they “FOUND” on the internet about your business.  The conversation is usually disguised in such words like, “I just trying to help” or “I’m just looking out for what’s best for you.” But what’s really happening is the sea floor is dropping from under you and the tidal wave is about to smack you upside your head.  So when this Hater comes smiling and dropping little seeds of doubt about your business, simply stop them in their tracks.  Tell them thanks but NO THANKS for their Helpful Advice and send this Hater Floating Along.



Now this HATER is hard to hate because it’s not really a person.  It’s a situation and it’s really hard to hate a situation, but you must.  Heart-String Hater has to do with dealing with life’s ups and downs.   I’ve dealt with this before and it was very difficult.  I have several members of my immediate family who had cancer and on any given day I  was sending  hours in the hospital waiting rooms with my family.  And I know it can seems a little strange to some of them, that I’m leaving the hospital to go home to look at a Webinar Training or anything related to my business.  BUT I HAD TO DO IT!  In order to change my future, I had to stay focus.  If you happen to be in this situation, then pay attention to what I just said & remember it.  It’s not that I didn’t go to the hospital, I went everyday.  But others felt that I should be staying all day & night, sit in the hospital with them. But your have to set priorities and boundaries.  So go and be apart of the family. Show up for selected events. But remember this is  YOUR JOURNEY not theirs.  So Shake Them Haters Off Too!

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