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Video 1: How To Attract the Exact People You Want To Work With 

Video 2: Who Is Your Target Market & Where Is Your Target Market Congregating

Video 3: How To Activate That One Critical Component You Must Acquire To Close More Sale and Reps

Video 4: Discover How to put the Right Content on the Right Social Media Platform to Attract the Right Audience

Video 5: Build It & They Will Come. How To Make Killer BAIT Funnels That Bring In Leads

Video 6: CONGRATS!...YOU MADE IT TO THE BIG REVEAL! Learn How To Put All The Pieces Together To Create A Dynamic Online Business

Let Me Show You Why Tens Of Thousands Of Newbie 40+ Entrepreneurs Are Struggling

Attraction Marketing
Who's My Dream Client?

It’s not enough to just sell to everyone and anyone, which is a common mistake made by entrepreneur's.  You have to reach people that are not only going to benefit from your product the most, but who you WANT
to sell to?

Target Marketing 
Where Can I Find Them?

Another huge mistake is posting about your business opportunity all over your Social Media Sites, in the hopes to find your Target Market.  The TRUTH is, once you know where to find these people, you’ll know where to target them.

Delivering Results
What Kind Of Bait?

Now all you gotta do is get their attention somehow with some bait. How can you spark the attention and create CURIOSITY around you and your product/services. This requires you knowing the answers to: What’s the main result you want to give 

It’s All About Giving Value. When you have laser focus on those who will understand, appreciate, and
benefit the most from your product or service, you’ll really make a difference and increase your income!


We Believe ANY Newbie Can Master Online Marketing No Matter
 Their Age With The Right  SYSTEM Of HOW TO'S!

It's easy to get lost & confused as to how to grow your business online, make an impact, reach your target audience
and make sells.  With very simple How To Steps we will transform you from Newbie into a Pro.

We Believe A Free Enterprise SYSTEM Should Be Available To All

Everyone should have a level playing field to create the Financial Advancement they desire based on
their own personal efforts and fortitude.  Growing a business online is a simple   


That's why we made our Bootcamp FREE when you become an MLSP Mastery Member!
The OUTTA THE GATE BOOTCAMP is designed to rapidly lift your success in your business using
Attraction Marketing principles with the MLSP System

What's Inside Outta The Gate Bootcamp For You?

"You've already got great VALUE for the 6 part  Snippet Video Series......Wait until you get your hands on the FULL Video Series . "


Learn The Step By Step Process For Creating An INFINITE Flow of Leads, Prospects, Sales, Customers, and Clients On Demand

Answer 4 Simple Questions, That Teach You The KEY To Being Attractive To  Prospects...


Discover who your Target Market is that will join you YOUR business and buy your stuff

Learn How to Build your brand, engage your audience and sell to your audience


How to maintain a relationship with your existing prospects using exact scripts we use to create rapport

Acquire the skills to Build Rapport, start conversations  with your Prospects, and Close them with ease 



Discover How to put The "Right Content" on the "Right Platform" will ATTRACT your audience to you.

Learn which platform will serve you best, how to socialize and network in a way that everyone will want to talk to you. You will be IN-DEMAND!


Learn How to Create a Sales Funnel to get YOU leads for your business right NOW even if you are not tech savvy

Use Funnels to Build a Massive email list to of FANS any buyers to engage and sell your  product and services

OUTTA THE GATE BOOTCAMP Is A FREE 6 Video Training Designed To Take You By The Hands & Guide You Step by Step Through The 7 Principles of MLSP 

Let Us Take You By The Hand and Show You How To BUILD YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE the RIGHT WAY

The Outta The Gate Bootcamp (OTGB) is the condensed ACTION steps (the cheat sheet) of the lessons taught inside of MLSP.  We break down the 7 Principles and fundamentals of Attraction Marketing and teach them to you in a step by step
blueprint style.  Success requires systematization of the proper combination of proven strategies.  
Simply put.... OTGB will systematize your internet life. 


What Is My Lead System Pro?

How Can MLSP Benefit You In Your Business? 

My Lead System Pro is a Network Marketing system that provides the training & tools you need to build a successful Online Business. Designed for Marketers of all levels from Beginners to Advanced.  MLSP teaches you how to build an Online Business on a solid foundation or what is commonly referred to as Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is based on
the idea that if you provide value first, people will begin to see you as an authority that they know, like, and trust.
Which will lead them to doing business with you.  

Understand How MLSP Took These 7 Principles To Help Thousands To Create 6, 7 & even 8 Figure Incomes Since 2008 

 SITES - Professional Blog Platform. Your Blog is the centerpiece and nerve-center of all your marketing. Use the MLSP Personal Website Blog System to Launch & Host your very own blog with the most complete blogging solution on the market, It's is the best way to personally BRAND YOURSELF  and establish yourself as an AUTHORITY in your niche market. Branding yourself is the most direct way to attract your target audience and build the know, like, trust factor. 

Build A List - Create Your Own Offers
Easily create custom capture pages, sales pages, funnels, and offers that brand YOU and sell YOUR products & services. Many companies charge hundreds of dollars per month for this type of software, but it's included in your MLSP Mastery membership! We are going to help you build funnels for your biz opp.

​Fortune Is In The FOLLOW-UP 
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)  If the fortune is in the follow-up then by using the MLSP CRM to schedule appointments, send e-mails, rate prospects, track all of your interactions with potential customers, and make as much money in YOUR business is the way you set yourself apart from the competition as a professional. Unlock a proprietary 'CRM' most fortune 500 companies would envy.

​Internet Marketing & Lead Gen Training
LIVE ongoing weekly lead-gen training to get laser-targeted leads for YOUR business FAST. Whether it's paid advertising or free marketing methods, learn exactly 'what's working now' to GET LEADS TODAY.

​Promotional Business Webinars
If your desire is to drive sales, connect with prospects and become a strong authority, then you MUST be using Webinars to get you there faster.  Webinars OnAir is designed by MLSP to give it's members the chance to Host your very own professional business webinar.  A simple affordable Webinar System in just 3 simple steps. 

​Driving Traffic - Lead Generation
Prospects can opt-in to over 50 Lead Generations System Campaign Websites and join your list in exchange for VALUE. For example, free trainings, live & recorded webinars, etc. that are provided by MLSP.  You can use these trainings to Drive Traffic, Get Leads, and Make Money from more prospects everyday. 

7 Figure Marketing Plan
The Top Money Earners you see online embrace some form of Attraction Marketing. They even make affiliate commissions off the 90% who statically will say NO to your MLM/Business opportunity.  How does this happen?...As a MLSP Mastery Member, you become an affiliate and can market the best lead-generation products from recognizable industry leaders that range from $7 - $497, and keep 100% of the sale (minus a small transaction fee).  Market like the pros from day 1!

If ALL top earners embrace Attraction Marketing, And YOU want top earner results in your business, Shouldn't YOU embrace Attraction Marketing in YOUR business? MLSP IS Attraction Marketing in Motion for YOUR Business! Learn the Fundamentals to creating a 7 figure income.


We wanted to assure that you would be successful and have everything you needed
to reach your goals.  So we added these special limited-time bonuses
that will help kick start your progress!

Outta The Gate Private Facebook Group

The Exclusive Private Facebook Group is designed only for
Outta The Gate Members who are current MLSP Master
Members.  You will be able to have daily connections with
Raghu, Tonya and Lori to get your Facebook questions
answered quickly.

  • Private Closer's Facebook Group where you will run
    alongside other Outta The Gate Bootcamp Members!
  • Get YOUR Facebook questions answered to make sure you MASTER THIS MATERIAL and start getting red-hot dirt-cheap leads today for YOUR business today!

Private Inner Circle Facebook Group

The is the a Private Closed Facebook Group of like minded Entrepreneurs with different types of MLSP membership.  This group is designed for all membership levels

  • A Private 'Closer's Facebook Group where we will share training's, resources, and other really kick butt stuff to help you get more leads and sales using MLSP.
  • We will show you how to be a Closer by providing support, giving encouragement, inspiring each other, sharing success stories, providing accountability, building thriving businesses and having fun while taking action

10 Day Roadmap

The 10-Day Roadmap will show you How To Kick-Start Your Business inclusively inside Facebook MLSP "The Closer's" Group
in your First 10 Days Following this Simple &
POWERFUL 10-Day Roadmap.

IF you follow this roadmap exactly as it's laid out, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS over the next 10 days... EXCITING!

  • This is 10 Day Road Map is no longer available to the public. But the CLOSER'S FB Groups has kept a copy. Join Us to gain access
  • All 10 days are through a Step by Step Video training you
    get to look over the shoulders of the instructor

  BONUS 4:
Your Personal

A Powerful Personal Branded Blog  will differentiate you and allow you to compete more effectively in your business niche and in a Global Marketplace.

  • We will coach you through the set-up of your New Blog!
  • We will help you to create the Centerpiece Blog that will be the focused hub of a 6 figure business. 

Fanpage Graphics

A professional looking Facebook Fanpage cover banner is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about projecting a professional image on Facebook.

  • We will set-up a Fanpage Graphic Banner for you!
  • Make a great impression on a visitor to your page. Large and in charge at the top of your Facebook timeline which lends itself to setting the tone for what your Facebook page is all about

Private Coaching Session 

What do the most successful athletes, entertainers and business people have in common? They know that working with a coach is one of the smartest decisions you can make to tap into your full potential and create extraordinary results.

  • You will receive (2 ) 30 minute Private Coaching Sessions with Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama 
  • Tonya provides a road-map, proven strategies, and invaluable feedback that will help you accomplish your goals (with a lot less time and struggle than working on your own). From online programs to live, in-person mentoring, she has a number of ways to help you build your dream business.

Business Funnel 

If you don't have a sales funnel, with a proper marketing campaign, you simply won't generate the income you deserve. You will always leave money on the table. A sales funnel is the path you design as a business owner to guide people from prospect to buyer.

  • We will walk you through step-by-step how to create your first business funnel from scratch, for your personal MLM biz 
  • Show you how to drive traffic to your new business funnel to get new leads and customers

MLSP Back Office

Since the founding of MLSP in 2008 they have created 3 internet marketing training and stored them in the back office.  Along side there are 1000's of other training on subjects like, video marketing, email marketing, lead generation....and much, much, more. 

  • We help you to set-up your back office quickly and get you into profits. 
  • We will show which video to watch first in your back office to maximize your time. 



"Transforming my mind has now afforded me opportunities I could have never imaged.  Now I  love working with Newbie Online Marketers to help them step into the unimaginable."

Tonya's specialty is TRANSFORMATION....Complete over haul of your Business and Your Life. She's a Niche Marketer, Branding Coach, a world traveler, and Award Winning Network Marketer. Tonya is often found at Networking Events amongst the Big Wigs. But her primary focus is on NEWBIE Marketers, Social Media Branding, Facebook Strategies & Storytelling for Profits. If you want to know how this Industry works....she's your girl. Giving simple recipes to Newbies. Tonya's the Martha Stewart of Online Marketers..... serving.... The Chocolate Life with The Chocolate Mama

- Tonya Hall - The Chocolate Mama
Social Media Transformation Niche Marketer

"The Corporate World brought me great rewards, but my new reward is in helping today's youth start building financial freedom early in their lives ."

Raghu comes from the Corporate World working as an Software Developer for companies like Shell, & HP. He also has experience as a Game Developer. Raghu was inspired to step out on his own and into the world of Network Marketer, which gave him the time and Financial Freedoms to pursue one of his biggest Passions.....To Inspire Today's Youth.

- Raghu Akula "THE SAUCE" 
 Industry Network Marketer

"It's one thing to travel the world and experience beautiful people and things, but it's entirely different to teach others how to be empowered & help them to create wealth so they travel to the same places ."

Lori specializes in the Travel Industry and creating once in a lifetime Excursion Experiences. She's taken all the things she's most passionate and inspired by......travel, meditations, empowering women, & network marketing. And put them all into one Dynamic Career of helping people to become the best versions of themselves.

- Lori Janine Thomas
Travel Industry Network Marketer

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Self Branded Website BLOG
  • Funnelizer List Builder System
  • CRM Follow-up System
  • Internet Marketing Training
  • Webinar Onair webinar system
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • 7 Figure Profit & Product Campaigns
  • OTGB Private Facebook Group
  • The Closer's Private FB Groups
  • MLSP Back Office Set-Up
  • Access to 10 Roadmap Training
  • FB Fanpage Custom Graphics 
  • 2- 30 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Custom Funnel for Biz Opp
  • Attraction Marketing Training
  • Target Marketing Training
  • Building Rapport Training 
  • Social Media Training
  • Funnel Training

  • $1000 /mo Value
  • $150+ /mo Value
  • $200+ /mo Value
  • $20,000 /year Value
  • $150+ /mo Value
  • 2,000 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $150 Value
  • $5000 /year Value
  • $125 Value
  • $650 Value
  • $3000 /year Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value
  • $97 /mo Value

All these now for just:

Get Instant Access to FREE Outta The Gate Bootcamp
Video Training Series!

ALL the Bonuses and Bootcamp a $78,473 Value are Free w/MLSP Membership 

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

  • Enjoy 'The Video Training Series' 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

    If you don't feel the 'The Video Training Series' will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible... That's right! We are so confident that you will love this system, we'll give you 30 days to check it out RISK FREE! If at the end of 30 days you are unsatisfied, or you just think this software is not for you, simply let us know and we'll give you a full refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!.

"Legal disclaimer: NO, you do not have to purchase any of our products to sell them. NO, there are no pass-ups or compensation plan because MLSP is NOT a business opportunity. MLSP is a revolutionary, innovative, extremely robust and powerful education platform and affiliate program for home business owners designed to help build any home business faster just like the pros do!"


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is MLSP for?

How is My Lead System Pro better than other marketing systems out there?

I'm a newbie....Are there training to teach me how to build an online business from scratch?

How much does it cost?

Does My Lead System Pro offer a free trial?

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