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House Special: Strategies For Black Businesses


I have found, as a person in business it’s important to have the right mentorship to help you and guide you to be successful.  Noone does it alone.  Anyone who has ever been successful in their chosen field, has always had HELP.

I have also found, that there is limited help for African Americans in the Network Marketing Industry who desire to reach the top of there business.  I’m not saying that there aren’t any successful African American Entrepreneur’s.  What I’m saying is, that there is limited information shared online throughout our community that helps other to get ahead, comparatively to other ethic backgrounds.

I have found this to be very disturbing .  So I realized I had two choices. One was to sit back and complain that there was not enough resources in comparison to other ethic groups.  OR……… Two I could get off my Chocolate Behind and do something about it.  As you can see  I have chosen …….OPTION TWO.

So now the journey has begun and I’m thrill to be bringing  you a place for African Americans, who desire to be professionals in the Network Marketing Industry, a place to find answers.  Answers to questions that affect our specific community.  Each week we will have videos from myself and other African American Professional to help you grow. Sometimes I will be interviewing special guest that will share how they overcame obstacles and reached success.  So please stay turned for these very special videos or blog post.  But here are a few topics we will discuss in the coming weeks, months & years.

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