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4 Daily Fundamentals To Build A MLM – Discipline Trumps Talent

The idea of having you own home based business, and working for yourself is probably a thought that has gone across everyone’s mind at some point in time.   I have to admit it’s truly fantastic.   When you are working a traditional 9-5 job, there is a boss that gives you an assignment, agenda and/or a particular project for you to complete.   However, when you work for yourself, you are your own boss.  You are your own motivation.  

There are lots of wonderfully talented people out there, with there own businesses, that don’t have the fortitude to go the distance.  This is where Discipline Trumps Talent – 4 Daily Fundamentals To Build A MLM will help you to create a routine.  Because  DISCIPLINE TRUMPS TALENT everyday of the week.   So if you plan to be successful with your MLM, Network Marketing or Home Based Business, get these techniques into your daily routine and schedule.   Even better, make these fundamentals, the spirit, foundation, and the driving force for your business.



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Every week (Sunday is a great day to start),  sit down at your computer or with a pen & pad if you prefer.  Create a weekly Marketing Strategy Spreadsheet.   Itemize your plan into however many marketing strategies you are working with.  

I would suggest to Keep It Simple and not spread yourself to thin. Sometimes doing to many strategies at one time can cause you to be ineffective.   Focus or Discipline yourself to do a few strategies really well instead of doing many strategies averagely.   Now in your spreadsheet, make a detailed timeline of the task and what you wish to get accomplish under each section.

So to recap,  List Strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Video Marketing, Blogging, Instagram, or PPC) that you are using.  Timeline these strategies, (10 mins, 20 mins…etc).  Make a detail DAILY  goal to accomplish for each strategy.


OK, this one is serious.  Don’t mess with your $$.  Don’t waist your time, energy, and focus on activities that don’t add to you bank account.  Cut out all the activities that have you spinning your wheels.  

Really sit down and figure out what they are and restructure them or remove them from your daily activity list.   There are many daily task that can be contracted out to day labor.  While you go out and do the activities that actually bring you a salary.


THE FANTASTIC FOUR!  If  you miss this set, you miss the mark. Our goal is to go for “Nothing But Net” right? OK let’s say you are on you first day of work at Mac Donald’s.  They wouldn’t start you off on the fryer because you aren’t trained for that and you might get burnt.  Or even working on the computer, with customers or the drive- thru window, without learning how to do these jobs well.  

The same goes for Network Marketers,  You Need Training.  Weekly or even Daily Training to keep our skills sharp.  

Next Implement want you learn.  Put that new skill to work.  Like a new car – TEST THAT SUCKER OUT!!  

Then Evaluated your performance.  Analyze how you are doing with the new skill you have learn.  Is it working well, do you need to tweak or adjust the skill to fit your business model better?  

Lastly Repeat this process.  It is a continuous process, but as you do this, watch how your business explodes.


This is probably the biggest offense of mine personally.  Early in the morning as, I’m putting my day together often I get a Friend Request on Facebook or Twitter, an Instant Message pop-up from a friend I haven’t seem or talked to in several months or years.  Or you get phone calls from family that you feel you have to answer.  Maybe a children coming into the room to ask you the same question,  50 different ways.  

Whatever the distraction may be, you know it’s going to come.  So prepare for it with a plan of action.   DEFLATION DISTRACTION ACTIONS! I know it’s sounds a little corny, but it works.   It’s funny but we often have the same group of distractions.  So plan for them. Plan to deflate them.  Then you will find that you have more time to be productive.


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